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E.G. Teljeur
E.G. Teljeur

Can't update the project location in the Preference  en

Author: E.G. Teljeur
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After a fresh install the location of the projects in the Preference states ;

C:\Users\user\OneDrive\Documenten\Incomedia\WebSite X5 - Evo\

It should be ;

C:\Users\user\Documenten\Incomedia\WebSite X5 - Evo\

If I update this in the preference click on ok and close the window and then click on open project the selction window is empty.

After closing and opening X5 Evo the location in the preference is reverted to

C:\Users\telje\OneDrive\Documenten\Incomedia\WebSite X5 - Evo\

What am i missing here ?

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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.

1) Temporarily disable your antivirus, firewall and any other protection.
2) Run the program as administrator.
3) Try changing the settings.

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