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I am doing a website for a client where they want to run the process of ordering as follows:-

1) Select Product and Pay for it.

2) After Successful Payment to be redirected to the specific page of the product ordered.

3) There are 11 products of which each one has a unique set of questions that the client must fill in.

So for example if they select 4 vehicles, they need to do payment and then proceed to the page where they need to fill in all the requirements for the 4 vehicles.

Same if they select 1 vehicle, 2 vehicles, ......, 10 vehicles.

Can you assist with a solution on how to do this please.

As I have used the "successful payment" redirect page option to list all 11 options on it. 

But the client wants to be able to do each one individually.

Thank You.

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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.

Hello. Unfortunately, you cannot change the redirect page depending on the product.

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