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Palden Jenkins

Different background images for different sections of a site  en

Author: Palden Jenkins
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I have designed my own site template using a background image set to 'fixed background' in the custom template section. But I want to change the background image for certain sections of the site (to give a visual distinction to each section).

I have inserted a new background image using the Page Properties/Graphic setting for each page where I want it (in the 'Tasters' section of my site), but there is no setting here for 'fixed background' - which means that the background image shows at the top of the page and scrolls up with the page, leaving a blank space lower down. Hmm, problematic! Is there a way to overcome this?

My site is

(The problem might be that I'm an old HTML hand-coder, used to customising pages individually!)

Thanks for your help, Palden.

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Palden Jenkins
Palden Jenkins

Thank you Samantha! Much appreciated. It worked. Greetings from Bethlehem. Palden

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