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E. Lamarche

Picture file size is bigger then original  en

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I am trying to speed up my website do too poor google insight score and i have optimized all my pictures, my question is with one specific picture that i optimized with tiny PNG, the file now weight 45kb but when its uploaded it weight 165kb. The picture in question is in my footer.

I tried to change it directly on my server side and the file was 45kb until i update my website and publish, then it goes back to 165kb...its not a big deal but wondering why since my goal is to make my website faster any kb less will help.

I did not change any compression (optimization) setting, everything is set 100% since i did my compressions already. thank you for your help :)


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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.
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If you want the program not to label your image then you need to paste it as a link. For example, using the HTML-code object. Or with the help of the CSS. But you can just leave the situation as it is.
Or try this:

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