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Małgorzata B.

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I have published on the Internet a preliminary design of my website prepared with your software. Address: (I’m waiting for the ssl certificate yet).

I have questions:

1. CONCERNING THE HEADLINE My company logo displays correctly on a large screen, but is cut off when displayed on a smartphone and tablet. What could be the reason?

2. CONCERNING THE FOOT My logo is displayed correctly on a large screen, but when displayed on a smartphone and tablet it disappears at all. What could be the reason?

3. CONCERNING THE FOOT The model fields "About us", "Contact" and "Our address" are displayed only on a large screen, and disappear when displayed on a smartphone and tablet. What could be the reason?

4. Your template contains 4 icons with descriptions: "Graduates", "Teachers", "Km" and "Years", which are all displayed only on the big screen. Only the first one, i.e. "Graduates", is visible on the smartphone and tablet. What about the others?

In addition, I wanted to ask - all the photos in the pattern contain a kind of blue shadow / effect. What function in the program to use to make your photos in a similar style?

Malgorzata Barkowska

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Andre E
Andre E

Hello Małgorzata B.

Q 1,2 and 3

you always need to fine tune the 4 viewports also for the footer.

check step2 -> template content. use the 4 colours on the left, do this also for the footer (TAB on top)

For instance for the viewports:

Q4 use show/hide button on top of template for any object. so you can choose if viewport is too small to make the most usefull object visible.

additional question:

I think for the effect you mean a mouseover effect (i don't now the autoschool template)

Vut check here:

You can find a lot of answers here:

or here:

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