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Author: JOHN P.
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I have spent some weeks creating a replacment website using a recently purchased X5 Evo. Happy with preview. Uploaded to existing server, as don't require Incomedia option. However, no change to website.

Have tried various suggested strategies, including deleting existing data on server, plus using another FTP, WinSCP which has worked for me previously. Adding to the frustration has been much online identifying this as a ongoing problem, but with no definitive solutions. #

What adds to the frustration is finding an up to date manual to download, which could assist relative novices when it comes to doing what is said to be an easy process. Shame really because been happy with an old X5 version for several years. HELP ! Website

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Franz-Josef H.
Franz-Josef H.
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So that I understand correctly: you want to replace the old homepage that was created with Website X5 Evolution version 7.0.6 with a project that you created with the new WebsiteX5 version 2023.1.5?

What I can see on your current homepage is that you entered an incorrect URL in step 5 "Export", select "Export the website to the Internet" in the "URL of the website" field. In your case, belongs in this field. If this is changed, it must be adopted in the project. To do this, click on the preview button while holding down the Ctrl key and wait until the progress bar has run through completely. Then upload the project completely.

However, since you also seem to have problems with the target directory or with the ftp access data, you should compare the access data including the target directory with the values specified by the provider and adjust them if necessary. You can set up the ftp access data in the new version when you click on "Parameters" at the bottom right in step 5 "Export", select "Export the website to the Internet" and enter the parameters specified by the provider in the FTP parameters area.

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