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What is the maximum number of rows/objects on a page?  en

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What is the maximum number of rows and objects on a page?


I say realistically as X5 claims unlimited number of pages, but this is not true. At 500 pages my website dies.......

Would have been nice to know in advance......

Before I waste a lot of time what is the maximum number of rows on a page, and how many objects in total can be on a page? Thank you

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(It > En) ... if you work with adequate content, and depending on the content, 500 pages or 10,000 pages do not make much difference, and in any case it is always better to distribute and divide the site into sub-sites to obtain agility in updates and transfers, avoiding risks for the general project...
...! for the maximum number of lines per page, has always been reported in the guide, and updated in the changelog of 04/21/2020 starting from v.WSx5 - 2020.1.4, from number 64 to 96 lines...!...



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