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How can I create a multi-language website with a welcome page?  en

Author: Incomedia

In order to create a multi-language website, you need to follow these steps:

1- Create your 1st website in (ex.english) with a welcome page (in step 4) where you decide the languages you wish to build your website in: ex.

Language:                                               Path:

English                                                    en

French                                                    fr

2- Complete the project and export it (in step 5).

3- Start a new project (adjust the english if you wish) without the welcome page, set the general settings - content language into fr, for example, and change all the english text into French

4- Once you are finished, go into Step 5 (''WebSite Export to Internet'') and create a new folder. Please add exactly the same file name as the one you created previously in the language list (ex. fr) and export that file.

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