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Website x5 error 406  en

Author: WILLIAM M.
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I cannot update my website x5 V 10

I cannot upload the jpg as they do not allow it.

 It says

"it is not possible to install the files on your computer"

Please verify that all programs are closed and restart the update.

I have resatarted at least 10 times ands strill the same problem. All the qiestions are in every other language except english and i gather that the answers to the above are also in every other language except english. You would think that some one somewhere speaks english

Very frustrated user

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Cheeky Man
Cheeky Man

OK William will do a remote for you seeing as though I've known you for years ha ha

Lady Jane OK?

Frank Cool

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Andre E
Andre E

Hai Cheeky man, long time no see (write).

Offcource if cheeky goes remote it's fixed, you can try the option below ass well.

Website x5 did not close correctly. And it is still in memory, open up your taskmanager, remove all websitex5.exe in process tab. Then try again. Do this during update (directly after the update program has closed X5)

Opening taskmanager depend on you OS. ctrl - shift - escape is the most common keys (all together) or ctrl-alt -del.
Type in at start -> run -> taskmgr and enter

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