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Curt Coekaerts
Curt Coekaerts

X5 Professional 10 can't open Evo10 project  en

Author: Curt Coekaerts
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I just upgraded from WX5 Evolution 10 to Professional 10. However, when I try to open the project (website) I made in Evo10, it's unable to open it in Pro10.

Upon opening the project, I get a popup message saying :

The HeadQuarters (=name of the project)

An error occurred while deleting the project.
Object reference not set to an instance of the object.

(translated from Dutch)

I have included the original error message (in Dutch) as a .jpg.

I don't understand why it is saying "deleting the project" since I'm nowhere near deleting my own site/project :-), I just want to open the project and improve it.

Can you help me fix this problem please, since I need to update my website and I'd like to use Pro10 with its new features.

Thank you very much.

Curt Coekaerts

The HeadQuarters,


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Jens F.
Jens F.

in evolution: you have to export your project
in professional: you have to import the project from evolution
Did you?

I did it today (german version) and it runs.

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Curt Coekaerts
Curt Coekaerts

Hello Jens,

Nope, I didn't do that -Embarassed- but I did it now works !! Laughing Splendid!

Thank you very very much for the help. You've saved the day - and night as well Wink


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