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Mark H.

How do I get rid of linksicle?  en

Author: Mark H.
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I am still in the process of building my website. Somehow, certain keywords like "Windows" and "Macintosh" (I have an IT consulting business) are coming up with double underlined links, which upon mouse-over, brings up "Ads by Linksicle."

Also, when I click on a link to go to another page on my site, I am being redirected to outside sites!

I don't remember asking for these "features," and I most certainly don't want them. How do I turn them off?

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Claudio D.

Hello Mark,

These links comes from a program which could have been bundled with another software and you can find here the instruction to remove it:

This is not depending on WebSiteX5 because we do not add this kind of software in the program.

Many thanks!

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