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David M.

Can't stop a file uploading that I've removed from my web design  en

Author: David M.
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I added a MP4 video file to my webite but when I started to upload I found the video file so large that I decided not to bother and went for a slideshow instead, so I removed the MP4 video object from my web design.

However, when I updated my website this Mp4 file still tries to upload despite me having removed it. I cancel the upload, and surprisingly my changes have applied minus the MP4 file,

Does anyone have any suggestions how I can remove this MP4 file from the upload?

Thanks in advance

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Claudio D.

Hello David,

Please try to export the project as IWZIP file and then try to import it again in the program and then open the new imported project to test if it still exports the removed video file.

Please keep me updated.

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