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WebSite X5 - Changelog


WebSite X5  -  2019.3.15[BETA]

Text Object

  • In some cases, if more tabs were active for the same Object, the navigation arrows weren't correctly displayed.

Menu Object

  • In some cases, the pages set as under construction could cause visualization issues in menus with more levels

Gallery Object

  • Fixed a localization problem in the Object settings
  • In some cases, a wrong number of thumbnails was shown in the lower resolutions

Comments and Ratings Object

  • Fixed a problem affecting the possibility of editing the name for the data destination folder after it had been set for the first time

Entry Page

  • The option to play an audio file at the page opening has been removed, as this function is automatically disabled on browsers


  • Various fixes


WebSite X5  -  2019.3.14

Contact Form Object

  • In some cases, e-mails coming from the Contact Forms weren't correctly sent.



NEW: Cursor Click Effects

  • Rock your pages and add an animation effect on the mouse pointer click.

NEW: Logo Slider

  • Give your website a better authority by creating a slideshow with your partners' logos, with the brands you offer and the magazines reviewing your product and/or services.


WebSite X5  -  2019.3.13

Button Object

  • In some cases, the cell effects weren't properly applied

Contact Form Object

  • For some configurations, the font wasn't correctly applied in the e-mails.

Shopping Cart

  • In particular situations, the "Continue shopping" button would redirect to the wrong page


  • Solved compatibility issue with the version 5.6 of PHP, which had been introduced with the last beta version.


WebSite X5  -  2019.3.12

Shopping Cart

  • The e-mail text for physical and digital products was inverted within the software UI.
  • The PayPal payment button wasn't correctly displayed on incomplete payment e-mail notifications.


  • In some cases the mouseover effects on the article page numbering buttons wasn't correctly displayed.

Gallery Object

  • In some cases the number of visible thumbnails wasn't correct on mobile.

Menu Object

  • In some cases the level menu background wasn't correctly displayed.


  • For some configurations the full-height effect wasn't correctly displayed if the zoom factor was set on 125%
  • In particular cases the program text editors didn't display any contents.
  • Various Fixes.


WebSite X5  -  2019.3.11

Product Catalog Object

  • In some cases the product sheets weren't correctly positioned.
  • The custom code used for the payment wasn't correctly interpreted if it any comments were included in it.


  • During the project loading process an error message concerning some invalid characters in the path could be displayed.


WebSite X5  -  2019.3.10

Gallery Object

  • In some cases the thumbnails weren't correctly displayed.
  • The color variant for the thumbnails wasn't correctly applied.

Product Catalog Object

  • In some cases, the product boxes weren't correctly displayed.

Contact Form Object

  • For some configurations, it wasn't possible to edit the items in the Single Choice field.


  • In some particular cases, the link inserted in blog articles weren't correctly generated.


  • In some particular cases, an error message could be displayed when exporting the project online.
  • Various fixes.



NEW: Spotify

  • Enable your visitors to listen to an album, a track, a playlist or to follow an artist using Spotify.


WebSite X5  -  2019.3.9


  • New Content Slider Object: With this Content Slider, you can create sliders in which, in addition to an image, each slide contains a background, a title, a description, and a link-enabled button. Basically, it's the perfect Object for an eye-catching Home Page.
  • New Button Object: You can't have a website without buttons: now they're easy to create with the Button Object. Customize text, appearance, and link in just a few clicks, and your button is ready to use.
  • Suggestions Toolbar: We've re-organized and enhanced WebSite X5's support materials with new content. You can find all kinds of new articles, videos, and tutorials in the Help Center's new Guide section (, as well as through the new Suggestions Toolbar in the software itself.
  • Template Library: We've added 10 new Templates for Pro, and updated 5 Templates that can be used with both Evo and Pro. The new Content Slider object has been added into all these templates.
  • Object Management Window: We've redesigned the Object Management window, making it faster and more intuitive to search and select Objects for your project.
  • SEO - Page Loading Speed: Along with other factors, Google favors pages that load the fastest. That's why, in order to increase page loading speeds, we made the following changes:
    • New image compression engine for Pro : All images added into a project can be optimized later using the newly integrated image compression engine. By optimizing images, their overall dimensions can be reduced up to 60%.
    • Gzip Compression for Pro : Now, files can be compressed into the Gzip format before being sent to the browser for display, this speeds up transmission times. With Gzip, the HTML, JS, and CSS files can be compressed up to 80%!
    • Minify resources for Pro : When you export your website, all of the project's JS and CSS files can be minified to make them faster and more lightweight. This involves deleting superfluous characters (spaces, line breaks, comments, etc.) from the code, without compromising its functions.
    • Loading fonts: A fallback font is automatically specified for each project: so users can immediately view the page's text when published online, even before the correct fonts load and are applied. This means the page appears to load faster.


  • New styles added to the Object Gallery's miniature library
  • Added the New category amongst the Template search filters.
  • Added the Used in Project category to the Object search filters. This will make it easier to find the objects you use the most in an ongoing project.