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This post I already made once and I am convinst it would be a good asset. So sorry for the extra post but I would like to point it out again, lets say give it a littke kick ......

Sinds v10 pro there is a new option for tabs in text boxes and other objects. This is a great option, it makes your website way more professional.

But if you need to link to one of the tabs to guide your visitor to the correct information it's not possible. You can only direct to the page / object and not to the correct tab inside the object.

This might set visitors off by looking for information thats not directly in sight. offcource you can set this info at first tab, but then redirecting to an other will cause the same problem.

It would be nice if you can set an internal link from any page to a specific tab inside your object. So that you can redirect your users not only to the correct page but also the correct tab / info. Maybe the Anchor can be used for this ?

Thanx! Best Regards, André

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