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You state in your help document that comes with WebsiteX5 that the tool optmizes the images to fit in the layout. My images tend to be about 4 MB in size since they are book covers. Do I need to make these images smaller using, say Adobe Photoshop, or will WebsiteX5 completely handle this. I don't want my website to take a long time to load due to a lot of large images, yet I don't want to be wasting my time constantly decreasing the size of my images. 

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... to work as a rule, the images, before being used in the project, should be collected in a well-defined folder at the root of the internal disk C: \ or D: \ ... (no! outdoor units), and named in short alphanumeric, and should be lightened by weight and measures in a manner appropriate to the intended use, (maximum 150-350 KB) (*) ...
(*) >> WebSite X5 Optimizer ... (or, one click with IrfanView, acdse, etc ...)

(IT) ... per lavorare a regola, le immagini, prima di essere utilizzate nel progetto, andrebbero raccolte in una cartella ben definita alla radice del disco interno C:\ oppure D:\ ...(no! unità esterne), e nominate in breve alfanumerico, e dovrebbero essere alleggerite di peso e misure in modo congruo alla destinazione d'uso, (massimo 150-350 KB) (*)...
(*) >> WebSite X5 Optimizer  ... (oppure, un click con IrfanView, acdse, eccetera...)

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