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I have searched... I am not 100% sure how to follow the recovery of a project... but I can tell you how I screwed it up

Working on (insert gallery name I will get to later)  I add 10 pictures with discriptions. preview looks good. I decide these new pictures need to be in a gallery by them self on the same page. so I copy, paste, open gallery, delete the "old" pictures that was already there, close gallery, go to preview, realize I did not delete the new pictures from the old gallery  so I close preview before it opens and try to open old gallery and it crashes. 

Does this help you? I have no clue.. but If it does to keep this from happening to some other person it will be worth it. I am off to see how to load a previous FTP up....

The gallery is at  (click the first picture of the puppies and that is the type of gallery I was using

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With luck you can restore from backup. To do so you should start WX5, select your project, click backup, select a backup and click redo.

However, in my experience "error xml document 0,0" is a catastrophic failure. For me it has always involved the loss of an xml file that is not backup up.

(I have been successful in recovering in the face of disaster on one or 2 occasions. When the Redo failed I found I had a number of files in the project directory with a bu suffix. I renamed the originals (one was zero size) and then renamed those files with bu in the name to the name without bu)

Most users here will STRONGLY recommend frequently visiting step 5 export, export project to create an iwzip file (this can be renamed on the fly so you can have multiple backups). This is a TRUE BACKUP and will enable recreation of you project on any PC.

I have experienced similar issues in WX5 where I copy a cell and place it elsewhere, if I then return to the original cell and delete or change the content then this affects the copied content as well. Sadly I can not reliably reproduce this problem so have not been able to report it as an issue. Thankyou for the heads up on your proceedure.

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