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There is an error in XML document  en

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I have updated my Webx5 from old version evolution-13 to new version professional-2019.1.6,

I have imported a project from old vision to new version professional-2019.1.6  then i did set in template > text field and Button style > text style - to new option setting then saved it.

When i opened the project in the next day. it shows " An error occurred while loading Project [There is an error in XML document(687616,218)] " Please see an attachment herein.

I cannot open my project.

How can I fix this?

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Andre E
Andre E

Best way is to see if there s a backup, select the project and select backup button.

If not there start over by importing from v13, after that create an export project in v16 (step 5) as backup

After bigger changes or many smaller ones or if project is good, make another backup this way (step 5 eport project) save it on another medium and this way you will always be save.

Unfortunatly is recovery from xml error difficult. The only option is the backup, but i don't know if one is made for such a short use.


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