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Juha V.
Juha V.

No hover button anymore?  en

Autor: Juha V.
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Hi there, why there is no hover button anymore in newest Website 5x?

i have bought that but cant use that anymore... not good :/ and have no credits because they too old now.

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Paul M.
Paul M.

Hello Juha,

The hover button is present and available for use in the newest version of WebSite X5, which is 2019.2.8  -  please see the screenshot below:

Can you explain in more detail the steps you have taken when trying to use the Hover Button in your WebSite X5 project?

Kind regards,


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Elisa B.

Hi there!

If you can't find the Hover Button listed among the "Lincensed" Objects in the Object Management window on Step 4, please press the button to update the list of the available Objects. 

Please keep me posted. 

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