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Mike T.
Mike T.

Objects window on Start up  en

Autor: Mike T.
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I've just updated to Evolution Ver 2019.3.9.

The image below shows what happens at start up.

It may have been happening before, but I didn't notice it.

When the following window appears, the wait icon within the 'Object' box does not stop spinning.

On clicking on the 'view', I get a message saying 'Unable to start the default Internet Browser'.

My default browser is IE, and I do not have any issues using it.

Could you help to explain why the 'wait' icon does not finish and the reason behind the error message.


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Andre E
Andre E

It works on my end. Do other windows open up your browser?

If so then don't worry about it, it could be that a certain part of information from the objects window is shielded from internet by your firewall?

It's mostly commercial based, so just start x5 and keep on working, check if you can update the object management window within x5, if so then ignore the start screen. (step4 top right -manage-, then refresh button)

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