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Matthew M.

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Autor: Matthew M.
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I'm using PayPal as my checkout. It goes through the entire process and then at the very end is an actual paypal button that people don't tend to see. They then send me emails asking if their order is processed. I then have to direct them back to the process and have them manually hit the paypal button. 

Is there a more integrated solution to this problem that will help the customer experience and save some time for me?  

Kind regards,


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Stefano G.

Hello Matthew,

I'm not sure to have understood your request. At the end of the order, user should be able to see the PayPal button. We use the original graphic from PayPal.

In order to let the user see the button in a better way I can suggest you to edit the text present in the confirmation page. You can edit it from Step 1 | Language Content: all the texts related to the cart start with the ID = "cart_".
I think, but I suggest you to try first, you can also change the PayPal pay button image inserting a different URL respect to the original one from PayPal, please check the ID = "cart_paypal_image1"

Hope this helps,


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