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In March I had to build up my website partially again, because I lost the projectfile. The most important page contains 206 images. I had to add them again in the list behind the gallery and add a description to all the images.

If I am now viewing an image in the ShowBox, in the left upper corner there's a counter that doubles the amount of images. 1/412 in stead of 1/206.

In the preview of the page after the 206 miniatures of the images, I sometimes see 206 small icons as if there is a hidden content (the original one?).

How can I reset that counter?


Thanks in advance.

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(Google | It > DE)  ... ... hello, in this profile of yours there is no license related to that of your site:
Incomedia WebSite X5 Evo 2020.1.14 -
... to ask questions, you should log into the HelpCenter with the license registration account for the current 2020 version... ... ... ciao


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