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Jon H.

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Autor: Jon H.
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I'm X5 in a Windows 10 Pro VM on a MacBook under VMware Fusion.  I just bought the new version of X5, installed and activated it.  I noticed it was running a bit slow so I decided to add more CPU's and memory.  When starting X5 it asked me to activate again. 

Does the program think I have installed it on another machine because of the additional CPU & RAM?

If so this worries me as while I adjust the VM settings for maximum performance, I may run into an issue of not be able to activate it again.

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Adrian B.
Adrian B.

I think some programs get the s/n of the CPU to enforce license paramters.

I'm using Parallels on a Macbook pro - works great - just upgraded to the 16" from a 6 year old 13".

Significantly faster project saves.

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