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Stuart O.
Stuart O.

I get random server conection errors  en

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Thanks for you replies guys!

So in frustration I have reset windows and reinstalled my versions of X5 (all installed fine no problems) imported my backups (no problems) all going well!! I thought I'd treat myself to the lastest 2020 Evo version and import all my websites under that software instead of having 4 different one's. That done and copies made I set about just uploading the websites with no updates to test the 2020 evo..............aaagh!!! I get random server conection errors 

1) connecting to server..........long wait.....Please check with your internet provider that you have the correct connection information (highlights ftp address and port 21 both double checked)=Yes nothings changed

click again..............'protocol not available' = again nothing changed!

click again.........long wait........'Generic error server has closed the connection'

click again ...................long wait..........'checking website URL address'..............'Generic error server has closed the connection'

click again ...............checking PHP compatability.....................long wait.................(guess what) 'generic error server has closed the connection'!!!

I'm using Windows 10 pc all updates installed, Bitdefender anti virus suite which I've temp disabled, I have not run any malware software. I have a 55mb download connection and 18mb upload. All data fields correct I've checked 50 times. 

What in gods name am I doing wrong???

Please help Elisa!



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Stuart O.
Stuart O.

Oh and just to add insult to injury when I click save it uses 100% CPU and takes an age to save. This is a new development also!

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Stuart, please take pre-emptive action and go to step5 export project for each project before continuing. You can append date in order to keep multiple backups if you wish.

Please run malwarebytes(free) just to guarantee malware is not interferring (uninstall Malwarebytes once you have checked). I regularly run CCLEANER (it's quick and easy), but you can also run Windows Disk Cleanup (just type "clean" into search on the taskbar, I always tick "cleanup system files" and get rid of all the unnecessary dross).

Please ensure you are not running synchronisation on the project folders (eg dropbox, one drive, backup software, etc) and you are running local (not across a network or to an external device)

Assuming you have not yet solved the problem, 100% CPU is a major worry, the only time I have seen this on my PC was due to a failing sector on the HD (multiple write re-tries). If you prefer you can force scandisk to run, but I use cmd prompt (right click run as administrator) and then chkdsk c: /r (or if C is an SSD chkdsk c: /f)

Please let us know your progress.

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