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J. Dudley
J. Dudley

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Autor: J. Dudley
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I have received a 30% discount for upgrading to the 2021.4 hosting.

My question is simple. I am currently on a now unsupported version of x5 pro and I already have a superb hosting package from a different company.

1: Am I still able to use/upload to my current hosting company as I dont want to put all my eggs in one basket at incomedia.

2: will the 30% upgrade discount upgrade my current version to one that will support all the new legislation that I current no longer get. ?

3: I just want to upgrade and carry on being able to edit my current web sites and have no interest to the ne hosting service. Is that a problem?

my current version is X5 Pro 13

Many Thanks.  A reply before offer expires would be good.

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John S.
John S.

Hello Dudley

You can still use your existing provider.

If this was not possible a lot of users would abandon the X5 software.

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