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Getting rid of hamburger menu  en

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Each time I edit my web site, the sidebar menu disappears and is replaced by the hamburger icon. Its a real Pain and for some reason I cannoit get the normal menu to come back. I have not added menu items  but the hamburger icon is nothing but a major pain. Can anyone please explain how I can stop the Hamburger icon appearing and retain (get back) my normal sidebar menu, before I throw this out the window.


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If the area allocated for the menu on the sidebar is not big enough, the menu will always revert to a burger menu. In step 2 template content drag the menu object so it is more than large enough to display the menu, you will need to do this for every resolution that you require a sidemenu.

If there is insufficient space to make the menu larger you can vary the sidemenu size in step 2 template structure.

If your menu area is a bit tight, simply adding a new page to the site can revert it to a burger menu because not all pages can be listed.

If you cannot get the text menu to display ever it is possible you selected always display hamburger menu in error, double click the menu object and check there is no tick.

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