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Chris Smit
Chris Smit

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Autor: Chris Smit
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Hi guys,

I need some help/advice pls.

My client would like to update and manage their blog content from their end.

Will this be possible or will it be limited to be updated at the web developer end only?

The client will spend some time overseas and this is the reason for this capability.

Is this remote content update possible with the online shop or can this also only be done by the web developer?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards


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John S.
John S.

If you want the client to make posts himself and you want to use X5 then the client has to use the X5 to upload posts, and you will have a problem if you still develop on the website.

You could use the Google Blogger

You can then integrate the blog by using a link or so. This way the client can a blog that he maintains himself completely.

I advice you to create a blog connected to your own Google account or make a Google account. Then make some tests and then present your client for the blog.

There is also other free blog solutions.

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Chris Smit
Chris Smit

Thank you John. Solid advice and I will surely make use of it.

However, it could be a good addition to the current WX5 software.

The issue with too many contributers on a website is security when weak passwords etc are being used, so one can understand the limitations set.

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