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Henning Kaae G.
Henning Kaae G.

Websitex5 11, why must i reinstall everytime i logon?  en

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I have bought websitex5 11 and installed it on my desktop pc at home which works just fine. 

I ahev also installed it on my laptop pc and installation was fine, however everytime I start the laptop I am being asked to "activate my license"? I need to enter the pruduct key every time, which according to Incomedia should be related to a "Windows" configuration? 

Could anyone help me please. 

Best regards, 


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Claudio D.

Hello Henning Kaae Glarvig,

Please check if under C:\Users\ The Admin username \AppData\Local\Incomedia\ there is a folder called WebSite X5 v11 - Evolution and if the licence.iwl file is inside this folder.

If this folder exists and the file is there, copy the folder and paste it under c:\Users\ Your Windows username \AppData\Local\Incomedia and then start the program.

If this should not help, use the right click on the progeam and choose to start it as administrator. If it asks yoyu to register it do it and then start it always as administrator so it will not ask you to enter the licence key.

Many thanks!

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