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Mary W.
Mary W.

Why deadline to download purchased Evo 13? Need to finish project in V 10 First  en

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Hi!  I have purchased Evo V13 and currently have Evo 10. 

My receipt shows a deadline of today to download V 13 but I am in the middle of a project with V 10 that I must get done before I have to deal with importing V 10 into V 13 and having to make all the changes that may happen to my project due to the new version. I must finish the project in V10 first.

My question--why is there a deadline for me to download something I have paid for? Why do I have to download my V13 by today?

I am not ready to use V13 version right now because I need to finish a project in V10...and do not want to mess up my project in V10 by having to import it into V13 which will make changes to it.  I want to finish my project in V10, then in a week or so, when I have time, then import it into V13.  

If I HAVE to download V13 by today-(11/14) how do I do that, WITHOUT it having to import my V10 projects?

My question--how can I continue to use V10 for existing projects and then use V13 for new projects when I'm ready?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Samantha M.

Hello MAry,

thank you for contacting us. 
I would like to inform you that you can download and install your version13 on your computer and keep it there without using it. 
Both your version 10 and your version 13 can be used and kept on the same computer if you want to. This will give you the chance to work on your project with your version 10 for as long as you like and use your version 13 when you are ready for it.

You can use both programs as you wish:

  • keep them both on your computer
  • use version10 for some of your projects
  • use version 13 for your new projects

I hope this is useful. 
Wishing you a lovely day,


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Mary W.
Mary W.

Thank you so much for your help Samantha! I appreciate it and the info is very good news!

Have a great day!


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