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Tamas F.
Tamas F.

Saving of project does not work  en

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My Website X% Evolution V13 saves an earlier version of project. This happend two times and I lost all of my work  made after the earlier version. The backup saving is the same. Export to the disc works correctly. The exported files are the server. Url: There was not error displayed.

What I have to do? Can I restore the project from the disc export?

Regards, Tamás Fodor

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Andre E
Andre E
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That is very strange.

if you preview the project with ctrl key pressed is it still not correct?

If you check online with your browser clear always your cash after upload by pressing F5 when you view your website, then check changes.

You can not restore from internet or export to disk, you can only restore from export project option. It is there for always recommended to regurly create an copy of the project with export project and save this on a different medium then your pc for save keeping, specially after making a lot of changes.

Hope this helps, cleares up things,

Best Regards,


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Tamas F.
Tamas F.

Thank your answer!
Before I saved the project and made backup I previewed it by the Website x5 browser and it was correct. After the saving I closed the Website program. When I inputed the project again, an earlier version came up. As I mentioned this happened two times. At both cases the same earlier project version inputed. This version vas imported from the backup file as well.

It seems to make the lost project parts again. But what will ensure not to repeat again.



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Claudio D.

Hello Tamas,

Try please to export the project as IWZIP file in step 5 with the function "Export the project" and then import this IWZIP file in the program and test if then on this one you experience the same issue.

Please keep me updated.

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