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Nhojo K.
Nhojo K.

Objective reference not set to an instance of an object; as i load my project in website x5 ver 13 pro  en

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Hi, I need help

I am using version 13 pro... but it shows some strange behaviour of not load my project. All I got is message 

An error occurred while loading the project; objective reference not set to an instance of an object.

and project not open, even when going to my document where there are Incomedia files all HTML file of the project are not open either.

 I am confused, I spent almost a month build a client website then all efforts end in vain?

help me out!!!!

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..
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Since you have the pro version it is possible you can restore from an automatic backuo (created each time the site is uploaded to the web) or manually by clicking the down arrow next to save.

Open WX5

Highlight the project

Select backup

Select redo (this assumes a backup file exists)

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Rob L.
Rob L.

Hi Nhojo, did this work for you as I am having the same error message trying to load a project file exported from v11 to v14?

The site still works as expected in v11...!

I hope you have got it sorted

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