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Martin G.

Version 17 Uploading Issues - have my FTP details gone?  en

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We are having many issues with our website(s) following upgrading from Incomedia Website X5 V12 to V17.

When uploading the above we get an error message as per the attached file

Comparing on the left V17s settings to V12s on the right, (in the second image) they mirror each other so I am unsure why they don’t upload.

 I am asking our HOST to

  • Check that any multiple uploads have not affected anything and that there are no issues server side.
  • Asking them to advise me of the settings to ensure that the FTP client is configured correctly, as above (and attached) and to advise again of the password.



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Martin  G.
Martin G.

Attached are the errors

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Stefano G.

Hi Martin.

What if you try to connect to your hosting in v12 just like you're doing in v17. Even at the moment, it seems like v12 can connect correctly while v17 returns the error? 

Or perhaps v12 is returning the error too right now?

This issue is usually due to a block server side, so it seems weird that only for v17 it is not working.

Additionally, try turning your antivirus/firewall temporarily off and restart the software. See if it works then

Keep me posted

Thank you


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