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Hi, i have a question similar. If the page title is not visible on step 2 but i writte a title and a title tag (step 3), would this cause me to have 2 H1 headers ? Does page title = H1 even if i set my own h1 directly inside the page with a title object ?

If so, should i uncheck all page title in step 3 and keep only title tag and my H1 in object title of all page ?

Thank you for your help :)


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Stefano G.

Hi Lamarche

Yes it would cause such issues. If you decide that the software should automatically take care of those tags at Step 1, you should not be using those manually inside your project. This is entirely up to you and the software won't stop you from inserting multiple.

Just make sure you don't if you want the software to take care of these automatically

hope I've been helpful


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