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Matz Å.

Problem with a script  en

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I have problem with two scripts which another company has made.
The scripts don't show up as in the old site. I have tried all of your
ways to put in the scripts after the HEAD TAG. It does show up under
the menues but it doesn't (I don't know what I shall call it; "wind") look as
in the site I have made before.

Here is one of the  scripts;

<!-- css -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>

<!-- js -->
<script src=""></script>
<script>angular.module('config').value('AGENCY_GROUP_TOKEN', 'Uuuxwhs');</script>
<!-- container of application -->

<div class="frontend-client-container minnesrummet-se-client" data-ng-app="minnesrummetClientApp"><div class="ui-view-content" data-ui-view="content"></div></div>

You can see what I mean and compare here;

Matz Ålund

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Stefano G.

Hi Matz.

Unfortunately since the issue seems to be specific of your custom code, the Staff cannot unfortunately provide support for it.

I will leave the topic open so that other users might eventually stop by and help you out with it, but I'd suggest having it looked at by a professional as well in order to get this solved as quickly as possible

Thank you for your understanding


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Matz Å.
Matz Å.

Hi Stefano!

I have fixed it :-) In HTML Code I used under Properties "Enable Automatic Height" on the script.

Now it works correctly...

Thank you.


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