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Mink P.

What is this and where can I find it.......  en

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Using X5 Evolution 17 -

SEO Audit  says:  Your page contains H1 headings. Their contents are listed below:  Sandhills of NC, Pinehurst Golf Packages and Vacations  and I cannot find it - here is the html code:

<div id="imPage">

                                                <header id="imHeader">

                                                          <h1 class="imHidden">Sandhills of NC, Pinehurst Golf Packages and Vacations  </h1>

                                                          <div id="imHeaderObjects"><div 

which cannot be seen on published web page - where is it so we can eliminate it?  Many thanks in advance!

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Andre E
Andre E

Hello Mink,

This tag is only used for search engines to define objects on your website and are not visible for users.

In x5 EVO you can't change this, in the pro version you are able to make different settings.

I would not worry about it, and let it like it is.

pro screen:

see also the SEO section in the helpfile:

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