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Ivan P.
Ivan P.

Actions to take in google to rank my website higher  en

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I have now website X5 Evo.  I am no professional but I want google to find my website easier.

What can I do in google or in website X5 Evo to have a better score in Google.

Please, give me advice that I can understand because I am no professional.

Please, give me clear answers.

How to create a google sitemap?

Do you know a SEO-specialist in Belgium or the Netherlands who can help me?


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Andre E
Andre E

There is in the helpfile a special section for it, have you read that one:

Also for the sitemap.

That's the best way to start, and have patience! It takes a while for google to crawl websites and to make there index / ranking.

Most importand is correct keywords. There is also information on internet how this is best done.

use thiis search for instance:

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Ivan,

In addition to the links Andre has already helpfully given, did you know that Google themselves produce excellent clear literature on how to do exactly what you are asking?

Using Andre's link to the WebSite X5 help file, and Google's own SEO advice, you will be able to follow the instructions and correctly optimise your website.

Kind regards,


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