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Adrian B.
Adrian B.

Menu Object improvement - any suggestions please?  en

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I wonder if anyone can suggest how to improve my implementation of the main Menu object in my website.

In desktop view, when drilling down into the menu structure, the level menus display themselves in additional columns to the right, but after the 3rd level, then display to the left, and in some cases overlap the 1st level (when at the 5th level item). 

I would really like the menu to display in an "accordian" style do it takes up less screen space, or in some other fashion like a display list where once the next level is chosen the previous level disappears, or something that is better than the way my current menu functions.

I'm thinking perhaps the only way to resolve this is by having separate landing pages for categories, and sub categories, etc...

I did previously post a similar question and had some responses with suggestions - I'm wondering if anyone else has any improvement suggestions.

site is:

Try: Products...Sleeves...Thermal / Flame & Fire Protection...500F/260C FIRESLEEVE GROUP (the next sub-level breaks left)

Thanks for any comments,


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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Adrian, your menu appears to work fine in desktop view (if it does not work for you and you are using a PC, make the browser full screen).

With lesser resolutions there is insufficient horizontal space so the drop down menu resorts to changing sides.

Did you experiment with landing pages and a new menu on each page (eg set Thermal Flame and Fire protection as the root)?

(your all product visual selector seems to work quite well)

Other than this I guess we wait for someone clever to suggest a third party or alternate form of menu.

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