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David P.
David P.

Database viewer not working.  en

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I have made a form that enters data from the form to a table in the database.

I can confirm the table has been updated with the data from the form when sent.

Using the purchased DATABASE Viewer (addon) and entering the name of the table that was just updated for the Table Name:.

Upload the website to the server and run the data input form.

Check that new data has been sent and updated in the table.

Go to the page that DATABASE Viewer is and NO DATA is displayed.

What is displayed is the Search,Export to CSV as per settings.

Have run Website Test in ADMIN and all PASS

Have also download the checkDB.php from this site and recieved "Your Database is upto date."

I have read here that this object was not functioning.

So I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it to see if that would fix the problem and it did not.

I have also tried to view other tables in the database like the orders table and this also dose not display any data from that table that was made by internal functions for use with WebsiteX5.

Please inform me of what I can do to get this object to function.

I'm starting out so site is very simple.

Address of page with database data send www://

Address of page with database viewer -

Admin_user writes to a table BussinessName/LocationID,PASSWORD,Product_Page,and host_path_to data for that location.

What I'm trying to do is a user needs to be registered (details go to auto registered table)

The regestered user goes to a page to enter a BussinessName/LocationID and a PASSWORD for that BussinessName/LocationID

code will compair BussinessName/LocationID and a PASSWORD with what is in file and direct user to the locked_product_page.

Not being a programer breaking into small steps.

got the data going into a table.

wanting to recall/display table data for admin_user using DATABASE VIEWER as next step or even use it to enter new data or edit data in table.

I have found this error or object not working.

Can you give assistance in this problem as I only just pruchased the DATABASE Viewer object.

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John S.
John S.

Hello David

What you describe will not be possible by using the database-viewer.

You have to use a database builder program where you can have users to log in.

For a table you can specify iwhat users are allowed to see and edit. Are users allowed to see data or only wjen logged in. Are they allowed to create data or only to edit data. are they allowed to edit data or only their own records.

A tool for that is the AppGini that has an affordable price and that is very simple to use and to integrate into X5.

You can see an example here :

What you see is a simple table created with AggGini. It has built in faetures for searching, sorting and filtering.

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello David,

I have done some investigation into this and it looks like an error in your server configuration.

Are you self-hosting on a NAS by any chance?

Kind regards,


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John S.
John S.

Of course the viewer should function, and it can function if set up properly. I think Paul will guide you to that.

And when Paul have helped you to have the viewer show data, then you will probably find, that it cannot be used for what you describe.

If you only want to have one user ( admin ) to edit/create data and all other users to view data, you can place the viewer-object on a secured page and set up with possibility to edit.

And then on a "normal" page have the viwer set up without editing rights.

BUT - you cannot have the viewer show data only for selected persons.

If you have very few users, then it will be possible to manually create view-tables on the server where each view-table is selected for a user. And then show each view in the viewer-object on a "secured" page where only the selected user have access. If you have many users this will be very troublesome. But maybe your need is only to show data for all users. So if you need to have user dependant acces to records, then you have to look at a tool like AppGini - if you dont need user dependant acces then the viewer-object could be enough.

Now - back to Paul - I am sure he can guide you until you have the viewer to show data.

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David P.
David P.

Hi Paul and John S.,
I'm using the viewer just to get use to the object and test functions of what I'm doing so at a later date us it in the admin part of what i'm doing.
You are correct i am trying to do this on a NAS and self hosting it due to working with thousands of high res. image.
If you could point me on how to setup this on the NAS/server side would help.
thank you

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