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Hugh S.
Hugh S.

Drop down menu links to php not html  en

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I am still confused by, and having trouble with, the coding of pages as php as opposed to html.

On my latest update to a specific page the update does not show on the page listed as .php, but does appear if I change the suffix to .html.

The drop-down menu links to each page as .php not as .html.

Why are the updates not showing on the .php version of the page? Or should I change the drop-down menu to link to .html pages? If so, how?!

Many thanks.

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John S.
John S.

Hello Hugh

A page can be either a html or a php. The page you link to is the page that has a setting for html or php.

If you change the page-type from html to php, the html-page will still exist.

If you on the server delete the "old" page with the page-type that should not be there, then you will eventually see an error.

This is because the "old" page is still in the browsers cahce. Clear the cache and you should see the correct page.

You might have to refresh all the pages that has a link (via the  menu ) to the page.

The pages and menu are automatically updated to show the actual page, but the caching can do that you see something "old". 

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Paul M.
Paul M.

Hello Hugh,

To resolve your current issue:

  • Highlight the prayer-list page in the sitemap in Step 3 by clicking on it once (page will turn blue)
  • Then click the Properties button on the toolbar above the sitemap
  • In the new screen which appears click on the Expert tab
  • Change the File Name Format field from .html to .php
  • Hold down the CTRL key whilst entering the Preview mode
  • Export the project to the server in Step 5

When you build a website with WebSite X5, the software usually sets the File Name Format for each page automatically.  New pages start out with .html extensions as default.  If WebSite X5 detects a need to alter this then it will normally do so without user intervention (there are some exceptions, but ordinarily you can let the software take care of this for you).

In the case of your prayer-list page we can safely say that it has to carry a .php file extension, as there is clearly PHP code showing on the page (Latest News section).

The menus which WebSite X5 creates will automatically point to either the .html or .php version of any page, dependent on how you set the File Name Format for each page as specified above (there are other file extensions available too by the way).  In other words there is nothing else you need to do, and indeed there is no other mechanism by which you can change the file extension each menu item points to.

Please let us know if you continue to have difficulty with this.

Kind regards,


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Hugh S.
Hugh S.

Mea culpa! I now see that I failed to delete the html versions of the page on the server. This seems to have done the trick. I guess this is a problem I never got to grips with after changing versions of Evolution.

Thank you both!

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