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Online Store error message - Your account has not been validated yet.  en

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I have setup a simple online store, going through the checkout for the first time the client is asked to register a new account, this all works has I would expect it too. The next time the same client go to purchase another product, because they have already registered they enter their email address and password in the right hand column instead of bypassing the sign-up screen they receive an error message saying ‘Your account has not been validated yet’. Can anyone explain what I need to do to validate the account or how to bypass the validation process.

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Andy A.
Andy A.

You can go into your admin Panel, and in there, if user has not validated their email, you can do it manually.  (it doesnt always work though)  failing that go into your database, using phpadmin and do it from there... 

Or you could remove the email validation I think,  see below??

Hope this helps.

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