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Giulio V.
Giulio V.

Google Sees My Site As Two Different Sites  en

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I have had an issue with this X5 program showing as And

Google is saying it needs to be directed to one or the other.
It should be going to Not to the

Why is the program causing this double web address which is not good?

Here is what ny SEO person said.
It looks like this is a theme problem with your site. Ideally, anything going to should be redirected to the URL. What platform is your site built on? Website X5? You need to contact them and have them solve this issue.

Has anyone else experienced this and how did it get resolved?

I was told most other website software can take care of this. Am I missing something?

Thank you to all that can help me, Giulio Valle

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Franz-Josef H.
Franz-Josef H.
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this can be solved using canonical tags, since in this case it is the same page. To do this, enter the following in the properties of the page in the Advanced tab in the area after the HEAD tag: <link rel = "canonical" href = "" />.

I think no other website software can take care of this, because there are cases in which pages have to have almost the same content. The correct page must then be entered as the canonical tag. And actually no program can do that to find the correct page here. Only the website creator himself can do this.

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