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Sam S.
Sam S.

2021 3.3 Program freezes  en

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version 2021 3.3

This has happened twice.  The first time, I had to create a new project.

After dragging an object into the grid (dragging text object), the program freezed/locked up.

Could not close the program. The only way was to restart Windows.

Now, when you tray to open the project you are working on, a pop up message says: "The specific project is in use or has not been closed correctly.  Do you want to continue?"

When I clicked to continue, I have have having problems with that project that I had to create a new one.

Now it happened again on this new project.

Can I save/salvage or fix this?

What do I do?


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Andreas S.
Andreas S.

In this case, a Windows driver may be defective or the installation may not work.
You have to uninstall WSX5 and download the current version here in the forum under "download" and install it.

But first you have to uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ and either let the program install it or download it from Microsoft and install it. Then install WSX5.

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