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Is anyone familiar with implementing the Stripe payment method into X5?  It is an excellent processor that is integrated into many other shopping cart systems.

I already use CS-CART as a web cart for several stores because it provides Stripe payment processing but also allows import of product options/varients which X5 does not.  You can make options in X5 but you cannot import them from a table, so doing updates is terrible - and I know becuase I have an X5 cart with thousands of products that have options and varients such as size and colour.

Exciting news I have also been trying Ecwid - it has a super widget mode that is very suitable for X5 - and now I am a beta tester for Ecwid with varient/option import capability! Awesome because Ecwid also has multiple payment processing options.

Make X5 Pro again..... import varients and Stripe!

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