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Olufunso A.

Website X5 shutsdown unexpectedly  en

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Website x5 keeps closing unexpectedly while working on it, Also when I upload online to my hosting account it shows 403 forbidden until I delete the whole files from the server then re-upload fresh.

The version I use is 2022.2.6

Website URL is

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Olufunso, do you have empty cells on any pages? If so, place an object in each cell or group of cells (there is no need to add content) and when there are no empty cells in the project test again.

If you are suffering random shut downs, please go to step 5, export project before doing anything else. This will create an iwzip of the whole project in case of disaster. Rename it by appending date and as your project progresses you should do more.

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