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Joe H.
Joe H.

Can a blog be a actual part of my website?  en

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I'm new to blogs, I've never worked on one before.  But now I want to create one for the website. The blog that I would make with X5 Pro, would it be able to be an actual part of my website much like another page (which is what I want) or does it have to be uploaded separately to a server?  

Any appropriate links would also be helpful 

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Daniel W.
Daniel W.

With WebSite X5, the normal pages as well as the blog posts are created offline, then everything is uploaded using the built-in FTP function.

WebSite X5 is not operated online in a browser like Wordpress and other CMS systems.

Website X5 Pro uses a database on the web server and has a few more functions, especially in the SEO area. The Evo version does not use a database, some functions store data in files on the web server.

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