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Sami B.
Sami B.

Take over scroll bar style from joomla  en

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I am trying to replace the standard scrolbars with the same scrollbars are on the example below. Can you please help me with this. Scrollbar I want to make:

Where I want to make it (in the middle cell with all the text)

Can anyone help?

Thanks and regards, Sami

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Sami B.
Sami B.

Same topic yes, but not an answer I can use, therefore the second post. I'm looking for a more specific answer ==> how to take over the joomla style scrollbar from the example

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Der Zwoemti
Der Zwoemti

Will not get more than the answer you.

Read on the page you will understand why, too.

this is exactly the scroller to you want.

There are Disclaimers!

so you see it is you can even look inside the javascript file, the items on your blockdias.

I could tell you how to do that but that is not the whole point that I've mentioned here the source code.

This forum is about the program or its use, and not really meant for it to tell you how to learn HTML - because you have to sit down and learn something or even just down to you a license if you want to use it.

There are OTHER providers that bring you a scrollbar - so the links to the 15 examples. Can use to freely free.

Do you understand now?

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