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Ernests K.
Ernests K.

Standard Units in Shoping Cart forms.  en

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To make X5 more friendly and more perfect my idea is about how to make posibile in the shoping cart after the Quantity field put standard units text (m, km, kg, pieces, Ft, l, g, tonnes, ....). Like for the all ather text in the Product ordering forms, in General Setings - Language content managing form for standard units can make the ID-content like:

Cart_Standard_unit1; Cart_Standard_unit2;..... Cart_Standard_unit10. For the big variety of the goods.

I wrote Standard Units but with that IDs Users can make changes from Standard to Not standard units like (ticets, table, seats, nights, weeks, days, kisses, smiles, ...)

Good luck with this to all of us!

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Claudio D.

Hello Ernests,

Thank you very much for your suggestion. We will take it in consideration for the future releases.

Many thanks!

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