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Pavel M.
Pavel M.

Half-finished automatic product page  en

Autore: Pavel M.
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When will the company bring the automatic product page to mind??? Why is it possible to adjust the font size in the "product catalog" object, and along with it the height of additional fields, and on the automatic page the additional field has such a font that it needs to be viewed under a microscope ???

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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.

Hello I have sent a notification about your question to the company's employees, expect a response from them here in the comments.

Please give a link to the site page. Perhaps I can help you with increasing the fonts and the height of additional fields.

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Stefano G.

Hello Pavel

I can confirm that we're well aware of the fact that this important part is missing. For this reason, I can also confirm that the matter is being worked on as we speak as to improve the functionality of the Product Sheet so that it might include the same customization options of the Product Catalog Object

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Привет Павел

Я могу подтвердить, что мы прекрасно осознаем тот факт, что эта важная часть отсутствует. По этой причине я также могу подтвердить, что пока мы говорим, над этим вопросом ведется работа по улучшению функциональности листа продуктов, чтобы он мог включать те же параметры настройки, что и объект каталога продуктов.

Я остаюсь доступным здесь


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