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Repeated registration required after installing Website X52024.1.3  en

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I purchased and installed Website Evo 2024.1.3 without issue. However each time I run it, I have to re-register. How can I resolve?  Thanks

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Daniel W.
Daniel W.
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The problem is also described here in this German post and a solution is given, see

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Andreas S.

The problem is because the license file is always deleted by the user when you start the program. If you install it as admin, you would have to copy the license.iwl from the admin folder to the user folder. So that it doesn't always delete itself.



Has the problem been solved? - if not, then wait for the moderators.

I haven't had the problem myself yet.

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T B.
T B.

Thank you for your response and it solved the problem. This is how I proceeded.

If after an upgrade of Evolution, each time the upgrade is run you have to re-register, it is possible that the current registration license is in the wrong directory. Try this as suggestied by Claudio D and Daniel W.

Verify that under "C:\Users\ The Admin username \AppData\Local\Incomedia\" the folder "WebSite X5 v10 - Evolution" is present and inside this folder the file "licence.iwl" is present.

If so, copy the folder and paste it under "C:\Users\Your Windows username \AppData\Local\Incomedia". Restart the Evolution and see if it solved the re-activation issue.

Notes: The user's, not admin's, directory may not be "C" and ignore the "s in the directory names.


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