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Freddy L.
Freddy L.

I don't get any e-mails sent from my website's e-mail form made by version 10  en

Autor: Freddy L.
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I have made an form on my website where people can sign up and join our club.

Sadly I don't get any e-mails when people have filled out our forms.

The system was normal around 29th of May 2015.

My web provider offers PHP5 and says their system is running perfectly.

Can you please help me ?

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Paul M.
Paul M.

Hello Freddy,

Email issues can be diagnosed using the online control panel for your WebSite X5 project.

Please log in to your WebSite X5 online control panel here:

Your username and password is the 'Administrator' details which you have defined in Step 4 Advanced Settings > Access Management

Once you have logged in look towards the top left hand corner of your screen...  you will see a link marked 'Test'...  click on it...

In the new screen which appears you will be able to comprehensively test and troubleshoot your email settings.  You will also be notified of any errors in your server configuration.

Do you by any chance use web-based email, such as Yahoo or Gmail?  If you do then please read through the following thread, paying particular attention to Claudio's replies:

Let us know how you get on...  we are here to help if we can.

Kind regards,


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Freddy L.
Freddy L.


I solved the problem yesterday night...

By a lucky shot I found out that the "CSV format thing" caused the problem.

So I just unchecked the box and everything works fine now.

Strange as it has worked for 3 months without problems..

Kind regards


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