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Oskar B.
Oskar B.

Problem with project upgrade/convert to higher version and problem with licenc  en

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I'm in serious trouble and I'm very disappointed! I bought new version of your product (v13 evolution) and want to convert older .iwzip project file (from v11) to new version, but after import v13 can't open it (stop with error: 'NullReferenceExeption was unhandled').

I first install Hungarian version of v13, and later I relized that if I install English version, it can open my project file. I have a PC and a laptop and I always try version change first on PC and when it works I install to laptop, but when I realized that only english version will works for me and I try to install it to my laptop, I have problem with licensing it (error message said I tried to many times)...

SOS help, please! I would like to use hungarian version if i I can, but what can I do with the error and with the licence problem?

King regards!

Oskar Bolla

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Andre E
Andre E

can you open it in v11? There is probably and link to an object and the object itself is no longer here, x5 sees a missing link somewhere, check the project in v11 for the link and correct it or delete the link.

Then you should be able to import

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